Wingsuit Flyers Create LED Dancefloor in the Sky

The Red Bull Skydive Team makes a special night jump synched to the beats of Camo & Krooked.
The Red Bull Skydiving team during the filming of the Gravitas project
The Red Bull Skydiving team © Red Bull
By Thomas Wernhart

How do you make skydiving even more thriling? Do it at night, toss in some wingsuits equipped with LED lights and do it all choreographed to the beats of drum and bass duo Camo & Krooked. The result? A project entitled "GRAVITAS."

The Red Bull Skydive Team are always open to trying new things and continally pushing their limits, so for this mission, they synched one of their adrenaline-pumping routines to the thumping beats of Camo & Krooked.

See it for yourself in the video below:

For the project, the team's wingsuits were wired with LEDs, the pilots had cameras on their heads, and they jumped from over 13,000 feet in complete darkness. They conjured up amazing choreography to the rhythm in the night sky. Marco Waltenspiel, Georg Lettner, David Hasenschwandtner, Dominic Roithmair and Marco Prince portrayed the sound from Camo & Krooked as something supernatural.

Camo & Krooked were the perfect choice because the boys love a challenge. Reini "Camo" Rietsch and Mark "Krooked" Wagner said it was not easy "to implement the idea from a sheet of paper into reality," but when they got the final video it gave them goose bumps. "Our expectations were completely exceeded! The symbiosis of sports, music and light provides a partly supernatural effect, which makes for a captivating clip.”

The technical side of the project was also a huge challenge, and had to be planned and implemented with the utmost care.

When it came to the technical part of the production, Jürgen Ropp, software developers and CEO Stefan Yazzie Herbert of audio design studio the Paranormal Unicorn were hooked as soon as they heard about the idea.

In the end they were responsible for developing the LED wingsuits, designing the light choreography and working with the skydive team — and they were involved in filming and post-production, with the help of Frame Fatale.

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