Our Craziest Shark Stories

Shark Week is here and we're celebrating with these fishy tales.
Marianne Aventurier diving with a blue shark near the Azores Island.
Face to face with a blue shark in the Azores © Alex Voyer
By Mary Perkins

It's the week we look forward to all year! Shark Week is back and we're no strangers to the subject. In fact, we've got plenty of good stories for you to chew on. So settle down on dry land and learn a bit more about these predators (and the people who swim with them).

Free diving with the ocean's greatest predators (above)

French free divers Alex Roubaud and Alex Voyer believe that holding their breath is the best way to interact with sea life. These gorgeous shots show a world few will ever see up close.

This guy survived a perilous swim with sharks

Watch the animated story of how Red Bull X-Alps athlete Gavin McClurg survived a near-disastrous scuba dive.

Fabien Cousteau getting out of a shark-shape submarine during the Troy project
That's not a shark – it's a submarine

This man lived underwater for 31 days

Much like his grandfather, Fabien Cousteau isn't afraid to take on an underwater adventure. See how he built Troy, the shark-sub, and why his sister thinks he's nuts.

Adventurer and Wildlife TV presenter Steve Backshall diving with a great white shark
No cage diving © Mark Rackley

What sea creature is deadlier than sharks?

The last thing you want to hear when you're out in the water is "Shark!" However, there's another sea creature that's way more deadly.

Photographer Amos Nachoum a few meters from the nose of a great white shark
No shark cage © Jeb Corliss

How'd they get those pictures of scary animals?

Yes, that's a great white. No, photographer Amos Nachoum is not in a shark cage. He can explain ...

Mike Coots POV Tube Shot
Mike Coots' incredible prosthetic POV pit © Mike Coots

He survived an attack, now he wants to save sharks

People are pretty suprised when they discover Mike Coots is a crusader for the conservation of sharks. Coots, y’see, is missing his right leg from midthigh, the result of a tiger shark taking a bite at his home beach in Kauai in 1997. Now, he's an inspiration to conservation activists everywhere.

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