Kiteboarder Flies off Sailboat Mast

Nick Jacobsen is pushing the limits of kiteboarding with his ridiculous jumps.
By Josh Sampiero

One hundred and eight feet above the water, perched at the top of a Volvo Ocean Race sailboat, kiteboarder Nick Jacobsen readied himself to soar. The masts of these top-of-the-line boats are normally used by the ship's crew to tune rigging or get a glimpse of the course ahead of them. Jacobsen was there to jump. 

Check out the video above to see his masterful mast exit.

Nick Jacobsen, kiteboarder, leaps off a Volvo Ocean Race boat's 33m high mast in the waters off Gothenburg, Sweden
It’s a big leap off a big boat © Ian Roman

Jacobsen's biggest concern? "I didn't know how much the mast would be moving when I was up there," he says. "It can be nice and steady down on the boat — 108 feet up, it's going to be another story."

Nick Jacobsen, kiteboarder, smiles for the camera in Gothenburg, Sweden
Nick Jacobsen, a kiteboarding superman © Ian Roman

Jacobsen launched his kite into the air before being hauled up the mast with a harness. A friend passed him his board, he kept the kite flying above his head and launched himself off the mast.

Kitesurfer Nick Jacobsen flies off the 33m boat mast of a Volvo Ocean Race yacht in the waters off Gothenburg, Sweden
See that boat? He just jumped off it © Ian Roman

By looping the kite around his head, Jacobsen was able to drag out his airtime, landing smoothly a few boat lengths away from the sailboat. The only thing left for him to do now is figure out what he'll jump off of next.

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