Watch the Longest Highline Walk Ever

Nathan Paulin walks over 1,300 feet suspended 820 feet above the ground.
By Josh Sampiero

Eight hundred and twenty feet above the ground, on the side of a volcano in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Nathan Paulin took a careful step onto a thin highline. He continued to walk across the line, maintaining his balance, and managed to traverse a staggering 1,322 feet — the longest highline walk ever completed.

Watch the video above to see the experience from above, beside, and of course, in the middle. 

The record-breaking walk required careful setup. With the help of six friends (and some rope), Paulin brought the line across the massive gap and anchored it to two trees.

If you’re thinking that this slackline looks a little more slack than others, you’re right. It has about 80-100 feet of sag in the middle — for a good reason.

“The oscillations of a looser line are smaller and not as quick,” says Paulin. “It’s easier to make the crossing when the line is loose.”

Check out the gallery below for more photos of the record-breaking walk:

After a day of practice — some of which was made difficult when the line was entirely obscured by fog and clouds — Paulin was able to complete the crossing on his first attempt. In total, it took him 23 minutes to walk the 1,322 feet. Throughout the careful walk, the thought of falling didn't even cross Paulin's mind.

“I visualized myself at the end of the line,” he says. “And I don’t visualize a fall. Because if you imagine you fall, you will fall.”

Filmmaker Quentin Sixdeniers plans to release a medium-length film about the project soon. Find out more on his Facebook page.

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