Celebrate Aviation Day With These Incredible Clips

If you're not airborne today, these videos are the next best thing.
Fly, fly, fly away
Head down, feet up © Alex Aiamard/Satori Factory
By Alex Herrmann

Today is National Aviation Day, and it's time to celebrate. Of course, the best way to enjoy the holiday is to get airborne — but if you're reading this, you're probably stuck on the ground. And, chances are, flight is still on your mind. We're here to help, and to remind you that aviation isn't just about flying planes — sometimes it's about jumping out of them. So make due with some of our most unique aerial clips, they're sure to get you in the spirit of the holiday.


The World's Biggest Formation Skydive

Where better to start than an all-time airborne best? This 164-person vertical skydive at 2015's Skydive Chicago set a vertical freefly world record. The divers flew at speeds of up to 175 mph and formed a breathtaking star-shaped formation.

For more about the record-setting dive, check out a behind-the-scenes interview with record-setting Red Bull Air Force members Jon DeVore and Mike Swanson.


45 Seconds of Synchronized Skydiving

Jokke Sommer is an experienced diver who pushes the limits of his sport with every jump. Here, he joins Petter Jönsson and Alex Aimard to show off some remarkable body control during 45 seconds of freefall above gorgeous Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.

Check out more on the clip here.


"Fireballs in the Sky" Above Chicago

The Red Bull Air Force is at it again. DeVore and Swanson join Sean MacCormac to dive above Chicago with flares attached to their wingsuits. Some Windy City residents thought the pyrotechnic display was a meteor falling from the sky.


Paragliding Over a French Castle

A great flight deserves a great backdrop. Here, Horacio Llorens, Theo De Blic and Rafael Goberna joined Soul Flyers Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet for a remarkable paragliding spectacle above France's Peyrepertuse Castle.

Click here to hear the gliders' thoughts on the experience.


A Fast-Paced Flight Over New York

When you want to fly over New York, you only get one shot. Coordinating a wingsuit flight over the Big Apple is a bureaucratic nightmare, with FAA air space restrictions making any jump almost impossible to pull off. But the Red Bull Air Force was lucky enough to secure the permits necessary for one dramatic jump.

Check out the full story and photos from the jump.


Miles Above

Love Miles Daisher and the Red Bull Air Force? Then check out this ten-part video series that provides an intimate look at the team and what it takes to pull off their amazing jumps.

Check out Miles Above to see all the action from Red Bull Air Force.

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