Watch 12 Wingsuit Pilots Soar Above Chamonix

What’s cooler than a wingsuit flight? When 12 people do it at the same time.
By Red Bull France

Even though his main co-pilot and fellow Soul Flyer Fred Fugen moved to Dubai, Vincent Reffet is still hard at work perfecting his wingsuit technique back home in France. This summer he was in Chamonix, where he ran into a dirty dozen of the world's best pilots.

With those friends assembled in one spot, an idea came to mind: How about they all go flying — together? In just a few short hours, and with the help of Dino Raffaut and Supersize Films, the idea became reality.

Watch the video below to see what happened.

© Supersize Films

Reffet was joined by Julien Millot, Sam Hardy, Noah Bahnson, Rudy Cassan, Carlos Pedro Briceño, Nathan J. Jones, Graham Dickinson, Scott Paterson, Scotty Bob, Will Kitto and Seb Brugalla for the incredible flight.

That much talent in the same airspace is truly something to be seen. Make sure you keep watching until they get in formation as they glide out into the valley. If this video doesn't make you dream about flying a wingsuit, we don't know what will.

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