This Dog Has More Instagram Followers Than You Do

Loki the wolfdog's epic adventures have earned him over 400,000 followers so far.
Instagram star Loki the Wolfdog looks out over a river
That's one good-looking dog © Kelly Lund
By Alison Mann

Loki the 3-year-old wolfdog has a huge social media following, along with more exciting adventures than most humans. He currently has more than 400,000 Instagram followers and the latest YouTube video he stars in has well over 1 million views and growing. One photo of the Colorado-based dog lounging in a hammock gathered 50,000 likes on Instagram. What is it that makes him so popular?

Instagram star Loki the Wolfdog gets a bear hug from his owner Kelly Lund
That's love right there © Kelly Lund

Communication with Loki himself proved somewhat difficult, so his owner Kelly Lund told us why he thinks Loki has earned so many fans.

Instagram star Loki the Wolfdog looks out of a tent
Nice life for Loki © Kelly Lund

“You know, I think he’s relatable — people like dogs,” says Lund. “He’s pretty special. He’s a low-content wolfdog, his dad was a wolfdog, and he has a unique personality.”

Instagram star Loki the Wolfdog licks the face of his owner Kelly Lund
Bromance? © Kelly Lund

“I think everyone enjoys seeing the outdoors and our adventures,” Lund continues. “Something along the lines of our latest YouTube video, it’s relatable. I think people enjoy seeing the relationship Loki and I have.”

Instagram star Loki the Wolfdog relaxes in a hammock
Loki relaxes in a hammock © kelly Lund

The Instagram account featuring Loki started in November 2013 and has grown since. But it was the picture of him lounging in the hammock that really attracted him to people.

Instagram star Loki the Wolfdog and his owner Kelly Lund admire the view
Kelly and Loki © Kelly Lund

Kelly started the account after filling his own account with photos of Loki, prompting his friends to suggest giving the dog his own account.

Instagram star Loki the Wolfdog relaxes by a campfire
Loki relaxing by a campfire © Kelly Lund

"People would give me a hard time, saying I needed to start one for him," says Lund. "I was in Wyoming and took some cool shots and thought, 'Now's the time to do it!' "

Instagram star Loki the Wolfdog and friend take in the scenery
Loki has a friend join one of his adventures © Kelly Lund

The pair spend a lot of time in Colorado, trekking and camping in the Rocky Mountains. But they've also visited the Northwest, Nevada and Texas.

Instagram star Loki the Wolfdog relaxes in a hammock with his owner Kelly Lund
Loki and Kelly take a nap © Kelly Lund

Lund says the popularity of the Instagram page has given him a reason to work on his photography skills. "I'm in no way a professional photographer," he says, "I just have a good-looking dog people like to see pictures of!"

Instagram star Loki the Wolfdog crosses a river
Loki crossing a river © Kelly Lund

And you’ll be glad to know that fame hasn’t gone to Loki’s head. “He is oblivious," says Lund. "We’re not in the public too much. He just lives his life with me and does what I do.”

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