Can You Beat These 10 Outdoor Office Photos?

Check out these submissions to the #BeatOurPic photo contest — and see if you can do better!
By Sebastien Evans

Last week we launched the easiest photo contest on the Internet — all you have to do is snap your own #OutdoorOffice and tag it on Instagram. You've already entered, right? Well, whether you have or not, check out some of our favorite #OutdoorOffice photos so far, from high in the sky to swimming in the sea.

Remember, these aren't necessarily the winners, just some quick pics to give you some inspiration — there's still time to enter! (You have until Sept. 29.)

Want to enter?

Just tag your photo on Instagram, Twitter or via the submit function below with the two tags #OutdoorOffice and @redbulladventure and you're in — with a chance to win the trip of a lifetime to New Zealand to attend the Red Bull Defiance event, the perfect place to shoot more photos.

A hole in the wall by the sea

Forget office. Let's install a kitchen and bathroom and call it home.

An incredible view of Tre Cime

One of Europe's most iconic peaks is not a bad place to clock in.

Archaeology work in Turkey

This may be the only real non-photography work happening in this article!

Getting the shot at Disney World

Someone's got to be happy to be working at the happiest place on earth.

Shooting from the world’s tallest building

Take our advice: Don't jump. Unless you have a parachute, that is.

The most hipster #OutdoorOffice yet

You can almost smell the French-pressed, organic-trade, single-source coffee. #authenticliving #socality #livetowork #toomanyhashtags

Ah, the good old "tentie" shot

Yep. The good old "tentie" shot. Here are a few more, if you like that kind of stuff.

That’s one way to see a waterfall

Waterfalls are cool, and they're even cooler when you see them from the air.

The ultra-photogenic Antelope Canyon

Is this one of the most photographed places on the planet? It might be.

See the sunset, do some work

That's how you get in the right state of mind.

Bonus shot: Best Photoshop

We had to look twice, but, we're pretty sure this has been to the chop-shop.

Now it's time to enter

Remember, just tag your photo on Instagram, Twitter or via the submit function at the top of this article with the two tags #OutdoorOffice and @redbulladventure. You could win a trip to New Zealand!

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