Cast Your Vote for the Most Awesome Outdoor Office

Our #OutdoorOffice photo contest submissions are in, so vote for your favorite image now!
Jamie O'Brien on his SUPSQUATCH #OutdoorOffice
This is one heck of an outdoor office © Jake Marote
By Sebastien Evans

The time has come to cast your vote for the outdoor office that you think can #BeatOurPic. Click the red "vote" buttons below to select your one (and only one!) favorite shot, and help send the winners (the voters' choice and the judges' choice) on a trip to New Zealand to shoot Red Bull Defiance.

Don't forget to share the page with your friends, and stay tuned for the winner announcement on Tuesday, October 13!

Vote for the best #OutdoorOffice now!

Need a bigger, better look at the shots? Scroll down!

Ah, an office AND a home.

This dude is dedicated. He really wants to go to New Zealand.

Don't get too close to your subject, lest you catch some dirt in the eye!

Uh, yes please.

It's not work when it's in the happiest place on earth.

Oh, you know, just one of Italy's most iconic peaks.

Ah, the lure of a beachside office: surf, shoot, surf ...

Unlike the previous paraglider pic, we do NOT think this one was photoshopped!

Seems like a good place to answer emails.

That's one heck of a view to wake up to!

Yes, that's a real computer, and it's really under water.


How can riding in a helicopter be work?

Don't miss the drone in the sky!


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