See This Cliff Diver's 8 Most Unusual Dives

Watch Orlando Duque plunge into the Amazon, dive from a sixth-floor window and much more.
Orlando Duque of Colombia dives in the Blue Cave in island of Vis, Croatia on October 8, 2015.
Orlando diving in the Blue Cave, Croatia © Tomislav Moze/Red Bull Content Pool
By Alison Mann

With 13 world championships and two world records to his name, it's safe to say that Orlando Duque has done some awesome cliff dives all over the world. The Colombian, who won the first Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series championship in 2009, recently traveled to Croatia to dive in the stunning Blue Caves, an endeavor that involved some tricky climbing before he even got to the actual dive.

Take a look at some of his best and most unique dives below, including a leap from a suspended shipping container in Germany and a swim with some hammerhead sharks in Colombia.

The Blue Cave

Where: The Blue Cave, Croatia
Height: 13m (42.7 feet)
Duque's thoughts: “When you are inside the cave there is only enough light when it’s really sunny outside, otherwise it’s dark. Then, climbing into position is complicated. In terms of depth it was good, about 26 feet, but what I really liked was the beauty of it without being so high.”


A diving tradition

Where: Stari Most Bridge, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Height: 28m (91.9 feet)
Duque's thoughts: “There is a diving tradition there; they have been holding competitions for 500 years.”


Diving from a boat mast

Where: The ARC Gloria, Colombia
Height: 27m (88.6 feet)
Duque's thoughts: “That boat is a traditional sailing ship where the Colombian Navy do their training. It was an honor to meet the military and a really nice, beautiful place to dive.”


In the shadow of the Guggenheim

Where: Bilbao, Spain, for Red Bull Cliff Diving
Height: 27m (88.6 feet)
Duque's thoughts: “It was such a nice dive and the people are so into cliff diving, so it made the event even better.”


Dive into the Amazon

Where: Amazon rainforest
Height: 35m (114.8 feet)
Duque's thoughts: “Normally the dive is the dangerous part, but here you are in the Amazon River so you don’t know what will happen! But it was absolutely beautiful.”


A remote Colombian island

Where: Malpelo Island, Colombia
Height: 27m (88.6 feet)
Duque's thoughts: “This involved a 40-hour trip on a boat to reach the rock in the middle of the sea in Colombia. When I was in the water I could look down and see hammerhead sharks. It was super nice.”


Port plunges

Where: A workshop in Hamburg, diving from shipping containers
Height: The locals dived from 7.2m (23.6 feet), but Duque jumped from 25.2m (82.7 feet)
Duque's thoughts: “It’s amazing how you can build a place to dive in 10 minutes, it was so cool. I love that in nature you have such untouched beauty, but in industry you can pile up a bunch of containers and jump!”


Window exit

Where: Hamburg
Height: Six stories
Duque's thoughts: “Hamburg is such a nice place, with bridges and canals around the whole city. The windows of buildings look right out to the water, so we found one at the right height above deep-enough water and jumped out the window. It doesn’t get cooler than that!”

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