Training Isn't So Bad When You Do it in Paradise

Braden Currie's adventure race training goes a little easier in beautiful Wanaka, New Zealand.
Braden Currie swimming near New Zealand
Braden Currie grabs a few strokes in Wanaka © Miles Holden
By Evan David

If your training is going to make you suffer, you may as well do it in a beautiful place. That's why Braden Currie loves Wanaka, in his home country of New Zealand.

From open water for swimming to open roads for biking, it's a big world, and it gives him room to do big things, all in preparation for the upcoming Red Bull Defiance, a running, kayaking and mountain biking endurance race. Check out the video below and learn more about Braden's training philosophy while soaking up the stunning views of the South Island.

The video gives a unique insight into Currie's new training philosophy, which employs a bit of the "less is more" viewpoint, putting together training and recovery blocks to optimize his body for performance when it's needed most.

Braden Currie running near Wanaka
Braden Currie training © Miles Holden

Hopefully, all this training will pay off when he and Team NZ Adventure take to the race course at Red Bull Defiance in late January, where he and other athletes will takes bikes, boats and feet over 60km (37.3 miles) in three days, finishing in Lake Wanaka.

Braden Currie biking in Wanaka
Braden Currie training on his road bike © Miles Holden
Braden Currie
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