Camp Like a Champ With Top Tips From Rafa Ortiz

The kayaker and adventurer tells us how to stay dry and safe for a night under the stars.
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By Laurie Snyder

Kayak pro and travel guru Rafa Ortiz has given us tips on how to get out of the big city and rules for a great road trip. In the third episode of the webseries "Hit the Road," Ortiz turns his focus to the trail.

The ever-practical Ortiz goes over the basics of a successful hiking and camping trip, from wearing waterproof shoes that fit well to setting up camp before the owls start hooting.

Watch Episode 3 of "Hit the Road" in the video player below.

Camping tips by Rafa Ortiz

If you want to camp and hike you need to have the right gear: clothes, equipment and necessary items, such as a pocketknife, a first-aid kit, a lighter, food and water. 

Tip No. 1: Pick the right shoes

Shoes are a critical part of your gear. You want shoes that are waterproof, have a good sole and fit well.

Tip No. 2: Stay dry

Staying dry is the best way to keep warm and maintain your energy. One of the best tricks is to carry dry bags in your backpack.

Tip No. 3: Camp before nightfall

Plan your route carefully, know where you are at all times and carry a flashlight (and extra batteries).

Tip No. 4: Stay hydrated

This might be obvious, but it's always good to know where the nearest river or water source is.

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More things to think about

Where to camp

The best place to camp is on a flat surface and near a tree. Why? Because trees give you shelter from the rain.

Pack strategically

The last thing in my backpack is the first thing I will get out, usually a change of clothes. My tent and sleeping bag, among the last things I'll need, are at the bottom of my pack. 

Golden rule

The most important thing is to leave the campsite better than how you found it.

Rafael Ortiz
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