Watch an entire living room fall out of a plane

Jeff Provenzano has been part of some crazy skydive stunts. But this one might take the cake.
By Josh Sampiero

When it comes to skydiving, Red Bull Air Force team member Jeff Provenzano has got a lot of experience. But jumping out of an airplane while sitting on a living room couch playing video games is one thing he's yet to try.

Until now. 

In his latest stunt, for technology company NVIDIA (they manufacture the kind of computer chips that make smartphones possible, as well producing gaming platforms) Provenzano looks so calm and collected, he could almost take a nap, but instead he focuses on the screen in front of him. 

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Watch Jeff Provenzano skydive a living room 



We've been told that no less than three living rooms were dropped out of the sky in the filming of this video, but we've received no word on how much it costs to produce something like this. Two of those living rooms – each weighing in excess of 1,100kg – descended without a stabilising parachute. According to Jeff, one living room was completely of control, while the other's flight was pretty stable. "The freefalling living rooms hit the ground at 125mph [200kph] and just exploded," he says. 

The exit from the back of the C-130

So how does one go about organising a stunt like this and what was it for? It was to promote NVIDIA's new Android TV Box, the NVIDIA Shield – basically a set-top box with access to internet channels like Hulu or Netflix. 

As to how, the crucial step, according to Jeff, is to find somewhere you can land such a flying object. "We found a land owner out in the desert who was cool with us landing there," he says. "We've landed all sorts of stuff there in the past – even dropped cars." That said, this stunt takes home the trophy.

So where does this rank among Jeff's long list of skydiving achievements? "Riding a living room set out of the back of a C-130 for the NVIDIA commercial was probably the craziest thing I've ever done from an airplane," he said in his Instagram feed. 

Jeff, we believe you. 

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