This POV BASE Jump Will Make You Scream

Ever wanted to know how it feels to jump off a cliff? This is as close as it gets to the real thing.
BASE jumping in Zakynthos, Greece, shot by Kontizas Dimitrios
A beach base jump © Kontizas Dimitrios/Red Bull Illume Image Quest
By Gunther Geist

You probably know how it feels to fall — you can feel it in your gut. It shocks your system and you want to scream. But do you know how it feels to fall more than 300 feet? That's a feeling only a BASE jumper knows well.

Some of the biggest daredevils on earth, the best BASE jumpers can push their leaps to heights of almost 3,000 feet above the earth. How's that for stomach-turning, jaw-dropping excitement?

Watch the video below to see some (very) quickly approaching ground.

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POV footage that will make you feel like you're falling

Jumping from astonishing heights is one thing, but landing can be another adventure entirely. This one is one of our favorites: Watch BASE jumper "Sketchy Andy" stick one of the sickest landings ever — on top of a rock tower in the Moab desert. Once you watch, you'll know how he got his nickname.

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