Watch Santa deliver some gifts... while skydiving!

We all know Santa likes to ride in his sleigh – but did you know he also likes to skydive?
By Wolfgang Lienbacher

These days, you’ll see Santa everywhere – at the mall, on your TV, and hopefully, near your Christmas tree. But if you really want to see Santa, all you’ve got to do is look up to the sky where he belongs! Except this Santa isn’t on a sleigh – he just jumped out of a helicopter. Good thing he's got a parachute. Click below for a little holiday fun from the Red Bull Skydive team over Salzburg.

Watch Santa soar from the sky

What inspired Red Bull Skydive Team member Marco Waltenspiel to jump out of an airplane in a Santa suit? Just having a little fun in the few days before Christmas. Now – what’s missing in this video? Well, snow! Marco Waltenspiel's flying over an unseasonably sunny Alps for December. That said, everyone at Red Bull is getting ready for the holiday – including our motorsports team and Jamie O’Brien over in Hawaii.

Click for more pictures of Santa skydiving

So is it tough to fly in the Santa suit? According to Waltenspiel, not really – in fact, he’s done it before. (Sorry for trotting out an old joke. We couldn’t resist!) The hardest part? Keeping the beard out of his eyes to see where he’s going. Best way to do it? Keep your head down.

Who’s going to have the best Christmas? Our vote goes for Adriano de Souza, who just became world champ in surfing at the Pipeline Masters.

Happy holidays and go have some adventures of your own!

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