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B.A.S.E. jumping champ Valery Rozov leaps from Earth's pinnacles. Next up: Kilimanjaro
Rozov launches from 5,460m to make historic first BASE jump from Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain.
Rozov launches from 5,460m © Thomas Senf / Red Bull Content Pool
By Steve Root

For B.A.S.E. jumping legend Valery Rozov, the flight down is only half (well, maybe three-quarters) the fun. Having donned his squirrel suit for leaps off the highest points on three continents, Rosov now sets his sights on a fourth, Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro, in the new Red Bull TV video “Kilimanjaro Free Fall.” And the journey up to his nearly 18,000-foot exit point is as epic as his stomach-churning fall back down.

Rozov and his 10-person team don’t simply heli to his targets (though they did once and the ensuing crash nearly ended tragically). No, getting there by foot is what makes the final leap that much sweeter, and in this case, they must ascend five distinct climatic zones that range from steamy monkey-filled rain forest to arrid heather and moorland, or low alpine zone, with its unique fauna to frozen, barren rock-slide-prone volcanic slopes of the summit zone. At these upper reaches, altitude sickness claims one team member, and a dearth of clear exit points nearly scuttles the expedition.

Check out the clip and photos below for a taste of the action, then watch the video to experience the entire journey, from jungle to jump-off point.

Valery Rozov
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