Revisit the 12 Most Incredible Adventures of 2015

Skydiving, cliff jumping and more ironmans than you can shake a stick at — we’ve had it all in 2015.
By Alison Mann

2015 is over, and it's time to look back on the incredible achievements it brought. First off, there was the biggest cliff jump ever, which sent the Internet into a tizzy; then the super-cool Iron Cowboy and his 50 Ironmans in 50 days; followed swiftly by a skydive and wingsuit flight over a volcano, and the hits kept coming.

Well, before we get cracking on what 2016 has to offer, here's a reminder, broken down by month, of the best of our adventures in 2015.

Climber Will Gadd ice climbing up frozen Niagara Falls to become the first person to ascend the famous waterfalls
Tooling up the ice © Keith Ladzinski/Red Bull Content Pool

January: Climbing Niagara Falls

What: Will Gadd ice climbing Niagra Falls
Where: Niagara, Canada
Adventure score: 8

Will Gadd got the year off to a great start when he ice climbed the most famous waterfall in the world. Many a person has travelled down the falls, but Gadd became the first person to go up. How did he do it? Find out here.

Reid Wiseman working outide on the space station.
Reid Wiseman working in space © NASA

February: Spending six months in space

What: Space travel
Where: High above planet earth
Adventure score: 10

Ever wondered what it’s like to blast off into space, then live there? NASA astronaut Commander Reid Wiseman did that and told us the tale. The best thing? The view, he says. The worst? No gravity, so you can’t sit down and relax. Get more of the story here.

Looking down the swollen Kanka River on a rickety wodden bridge.
Looking down the swollen Kanka River © Getty Images/Aurora Creative

March: Don’t look down

What: Vertigo-inducing bridges
Where: All over the world, this one is over the Kanka River, Ethiopia
Adventure score: 6

Sketchy bridges — you either love ’em or you hate ‘em. They’re dangerous, made from twigs and cross high above fast-flowing rivers, but cross you must. We found a selection of 10 bridges that will surely make your legs tremble. Don’t read more if you have a fear of heights!

Luis Leal and buddy explore stalactites in cenotes in Mexico
Light coming in from above © Luis Leal

April: Get lost in sea caves

What: Diving in sea caves
Where: The Mayan Peninsula
Adventure factor: 7

Cave diving can be one of the most spectacular experiences, diving where few people have gone before. The Mayan Peninsula provides some of the richest diving in the world. It is home to "cenotes," or underground aquifer systems caused by roof collapses in caves. During this dive Luis Leal discovered both bright and dark wonders as he explored. Check it out for yourself here.

Marco Waltenspiel, Marco Fuerst and Georg Lettner fly their wingsuits in tight formation above the crater of Mt. Bromo in Indonesia on March 2nd, 2015
The team above a smoking volcano © Wolfgang Lienbacher/Red Bull Content Pool

May: Wingsuit flight over a volcano

What: Skydive and wingsuit flight over a volcano
Where: Mount Bromo, Indonesia
Adventure factor: 9

The smell of sulphur filled the nostrils of the Red Bull Skydive Team as they flew over the active Mount Bromo volcano, just outside Jakarta. The guys leaped out of a helicopter at over 13,000 feet and flew down to the volcano, taking the Indonesian flag with them. Check out the incredible footage.

Stig Pryds comes up from below
Coming up from the depths © Daan Verhoeven

June: Dive in Dean’s Blue Hole

What: Super-deep freediving
Where: Dean’s Blue Hole, the Bahamas
Adventure factor: 9

Danish freediver Stig Pryds took a dive in the world’s deepest known saltwater blue hole, Dean’s Blue Hole. He dived just over 160 feet — and that’s not the deepest he’s ever been! Watch him here.

'Iron Cowboy' James Lawrence poses before setting off on an Ironman triathlon
That’s a look of determination, and an epic beard © JessaKae Maddocks

July: The Iron Cowboy

What: 50 Ironmans in 50 days
Where: 50 different US states
Adventure factor: 9

It was one of the greatest achievements of the year when James Lawrence (The Iron Cowboy) completed 50 Ironmans in 50 days. That's 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles on a bike and a full 26.2-mile marathon, every single day. It was tough — read what the man himself had to say about it here.

Laso Schaller, canyoneer and high-diver
The waterfall from below is a sight to see © Lukas Pilz - Video: © SRF/RBMH

August: The crazy cliff jump

What: Cliff jump world record
Where: Maggia, Switzerland
Adventure factor: 9

The incredible video of Laso Schaller jumping from a 192-foot cliff in a scenic part of Switzerland left mouths gaping across the world. He broke the world record with his breathtaking jump. The Brazilian-born, Swiss-raised athlete's jump became one of the most widely-circulated news stories of August. Were you living under a rock? Check the video out now.

A freediver plays with a spermwhale in the Indian Ocean
A freediver plays with a spermwhale © Alex Voyer

September: A summer spent freediving

What: Freediving with some incredible creatures
Where: Indian Ocean
Adventure factor: 7

Freediving photographers Alex Voyer and Alex Roubaud explored the Indian Ocean. They didn’t see the humpback whales they had hoped to, but took some awesome photographs nonetheless. They snapped sperm whales, mantarays, pseudo orca and turtles on their trip to Mauritius, Mayotte and Mohéli. See their mesmerizing pictures here.

David Lama climbing Avaatara (5.14d), his First Ascent in the Baatara Gorge in Lebanon.
The first ascent of Avaatara in the Baatara Gorge © Corey Rich/Red Bull Content Pool

October: Climbing in a gorge

What: David Lama set a new route
Where: Lebanon
Adventure factor: 8

David Lama climbed in the beautiful Baatara Gorge in Lebanon, showing the climbing potential the country has. He set a new route called Avaatara, a 5.14d climb. “If you get to travel roads that have already been discovered, you’re basically just following," he said at the time. "But if you go somewhere no one has ever been you’re basically in the lead and that’s something I really like.” See more here.

Antoine Albeau speeds away at speeds approaching 100kmh
Straight, flat, and fast © Jeremy Lacave

November: World-record windsurfing

What: Fastest-ever windsurf
Where: Namibia
Adventure factor: 7

Antoine Albeau became the fastest windsurfer in the world when he travelled 53.27 knots (a little over 61 mph), a speed the likes of which no one had ever seen before. It’s the fastest anyone has gone on a windsurfing board ever, but it wasn’t easy! Check out the video and see for yourself.

Marco Waltenspiel and friends skydiving
Santa's on the hunt for the good kids © Wolfgang Lienbacher

December: Skydiving Santa

What: Santa goes skydiving
Where: Salzburg
Adventure factor: 6

Santa decided to forgo his sleigh this year, opting instead to jump out of a plane before delivering gifts. Red Bull Skydive Team member Marco Waltenspiel decided to have a little fun before Christmas by dressing as Santa for the jump. Check out the video.

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