See a paraglider skim snow and land in the street

Watch JB Chandelier skim just above the snow in a paragliding video that barely gets off the ground.
By Evan David

JB Chandelier is pretty much the undisputed king of paragliding very close to the ground – already clearly established in this video here. Now he's back again with another winter edit – this time making friends with a few freeriders of a different kind, including ski legend and rally driver Luc Alphand

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JB Chandelier scrapes his toes in the snow 

Filming took place entirely in his hometown of Briançon, France, at Serre Chevalier, which is basically his winter freeflight training ground. Most impressive?  The paraglider designer and test pilot pretty much does this run every day – minus, of course, the part where he picks up snowboarder Pierre Vaultier, does a fly-by on a sun-terrace, and lands on the city streets. 

About that landing... was Chandelier taking a daring chance with local police, or was it pre-arranged? The pilot assures us everything was on the up and up – he had permission from the mayor to quickly close the city streets for his landing.

And as for the lift he gave to Vaultier? "That was so hard!", says Chandelier. "This took between 15 to 20 tries – there was only one small spot we could do it, and it was challenging for him to go fast enough to catch me." Worth it, we say.

Ski, free!

JB Chandelier paragliding past the legendary Luc Alphand near Briançon, France
Say hi to Luc Alphand

All in all, not a bad way to descend 1200m in a few short minutes. And if it seems risky to you, Chandelier promises it's not: "I am not a risk taker, I'm a calculater. With training and practice, you can fly close to the ground. I haven't had many injuries in my paragliding life." 

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