See Huge Cliff Dives in an Indonesian Paradise

Watch as a group of cliff-diving athletes make beautiful dives from unique volcanic islands.
Diving in Indonesia in November as part of Red Bull Cliff Search
Spectacular diving in Indonesia © Jakob Schweighofer/Red Bull Content Pool
By Alison Mann

When a group of skilled cliff divers decide to go on a search for extraordinary jumping spots, you know they'll end up in some incredible locations. On this trip, they found themselves in Indonesia and it didn’t disappoint.

It took the group — Rocco Simpson, Ady Jimenez, Blake Aldridge, Kris Kolanus, Alex de Rose, David Colturi and Andy Jones — 48 hours to travel to the tiny town of West Papua. It was an undiscovered area for the divers, who stayed aboard a boat for the whole trip.

See the cliffs they discovered in the video below:

After a 12-hour boat ride, the scenes that greeted the group were amazing. “We found two amazing cliff spots just around the corner from our parking position with the Seahorse (the boat they stayed in),” says Colturi.

The group found some excellent spots, including one with a 100-foot-high jump.

“What a session," Colturi remembers. "Mind-blowing dives from a height nobody in our crew ever did before. In a setting like this you forget the impact punch you get striking through the water surface at 55 mph.”

They decided to switch things up and throw a rope swing into the mix, but there was an unexpected learning curve. “It was a tougher battle than anticipated with some hard beatings," Colturi says. "Quite a few of us took a while learning, but you know what they say: 'no pain, no gain.'”

A cliff diving trip by the numbers

Colturi also wrote a diary of the trip, and provided some numbers he thinks everyone should know:

  • 1 stitched up head
  • 1 stitched up finger
  • 2 ladies killin’ it
  • 5 boys keeping up with the girls
  • 375 dives off the boat and the 49-foot-high boat mast
  • Endless laughs and good times
  • 1 lost soccer game
  • 1 huge fish caught by Blake Aldridge
  • Highest take off point of 100 feet
  • 176 cliff dives performed by 7 athletes at 4 locations
  • 12 failed rope swing attempts
  • 1 totally failed rope swing attempt

Learn more about these athletes and the sport at the Red Bull Cliff Diving site.

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