You Won't Believe Where These Speedriders Fly

Watch them bomb mountain runs and tight canyon passes and even rip through a small town in the alps.
A speedrider landing in Avioraz, near Chamonix, France
Just kickin’ it © Luka Leroy
By Josh Sampiero

It's no secret that we love speedriding — the freeflight sport combining high-performance skiing with high-performance wings gives athletes access to some of the most incredible terrain on the planet. Steep powder lines everywhere are suddenly open for business, even if they end in a huge cliff band.

But that's not the only thing they can do. In the hands of skilled pilots Valentin Delluc and Martin Schricke, the whole mountain is a playground, from swooping passes through gaping gorges, a quick pass-through session on some park features and even a high-speed sightseeing run through the local mountain town.

Watch the video below to see all the fun they had:

Filmmaker Alex Aimard had a challenging job chasing the guys through the canyon — Les Diablerets — where he had to fly his own rig while keeping an eye on the flyers.

"The canyon was one of the highlights of this project," says Aimard. "I've been dreaming of doing it for a while but never had the opportunity. I couldn't expect a better way to do it than following Martin and Val leading the way, and I'm quite satisfied with the shot — double win!"

Speedriders Valentin Delluc and Martin Schricke prepare to take off at Silberhorn, Switzerland
Heck of a place for a drop-off! © Luka Leroy

The sketchiest moment for filmmaker Shams was watching the boys step out of the heli on to what could have been an icy ridge above a no-fall zone (as seen in the opening shot of the video). "If it was slippery, they had a few hundred meters of sliding," he says.

Speedriders cruise into town in Avoriaz
Flying to their doorstep © Luka Leroy

The pair put on quite a show not only for the cameras, but for the locals on the hill who weren't used to seeing speedriding so up close and personal.

It was so much fun, in fact, that the week-long shoot just left Delluc wanting more. "I'd love to get more time in the heli next time around for better access," he says. "There are just so many faces I'd love to ride!"

The roof... the roof... the roof is on fire – A speedrider jibs off a roof in Avioraz, France
We can guarantee no one ever rode that line before © Luka Leroy
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