13 Magical Photos Shot in the Underwater World

These mysterious and spectacular photos feature some of the beautiful creatures of the ocean.
By Alison Mann

Water covers the majority of the planet, so it's no surprise that there are some incredible sights hidden under the surface of the world's oceans. There are curious seals, massive whales and giant jellyfish, all adding to the spectacular nature of the sea.

We've put together a selection of some of the best underwater images showing the deep blue in all its glory — enjoy them below.

A diver takes a photo while diving with a Giant jelly, Pelagia noctiluca off the coast of Sula Sgeir, Scotland
Face to face with a giant © Matt Doggett

1. What's the sting like on this one?

The waters around the remote and uninhabited island of Sula Sgeir in Scotland were where this giant jelly was photographed.

An inquisitive seal gets up close to a diver's camera in the North Sea off the coast of Northumberland, UK
An inquisitive seal snapped in the North Sea © Adam Hanlon

2. A curious seal

It was time to strike a pose for this grey seal swimming in the North Sea off the English coast.

A diver explores the underwater Weebubbie Cave in the Nullarbor Karst Plain, Australia
In the deep blue © Liz Rogers/Red Bull Illume

3. A deep, dark cave

It looks bright enough to see in this cave, but that's just thanks to the photographer's skills. The photo was taken in the inky blackness of the Weebubbie Cave in Australia and the image was part of Red Bull Illume 2013. The international photography contest dedicated to action and adventure sports is back for 2016 and submissions are now open.

Small Lion's mane jellyfish, Cyanea capillata, with a diver in the background swimming along an iceberg in crystal clear water, Tasiilaq Fjord, East-Greenland,
A lion’s mane jellyfish swimming in Greenland © Tobias Friedrich www.BELOW-SURFACE.com

4. Wonders of the ocean

A diver swims with a small lion's mane jellyfish near an iceberg in the Tasillaq Fjord of East Greenland.

A freediver swimming with a pair of giant, majestic sperm whales in the Indian Ocean
Underwater giants © Alex Voyer/Fisheye

5. Giants of the sea

Freedivers Alex Voyer and Alex Roubaud spent time in the Indian Ocean and captured some incredible images of sperm whales. See more from their trip.

A flock of Gannets dive into the ocean hunting for food off the coast of Scotland, UK
Gannets get wild © Matt Doggett

6. The fight for food

This image shows nature at its best as a group of northern gannets fight over fish in Scotland.

An underwater photographer has a close encounters with the unusual sunfish in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Bali
A sunfish © Stefan Follows

7. Big fish, little diver

This picture, shot at a great angle, shows a diver and sunfish in Bali.

A freediver and curious dolphin check out a tiny jellyfish together off the coast of Ireland
Free diving with dolphins © George Karbus/Red Bull Illume

8. Underwater interaction

A diver and dolphin check out a jellyfish in this image shot while freediving in Ireland. It was also part of Red Bull Illume.

A freedive playing underwater with a giant sperm whale in the Indian Ocea
Dancing with a sperm whale © Alex Voyer/Fisheye

9. Dancing with a whale

A freediver dances with a sperm whale in this shot, also taken in the Indian Ocean.

Whale sharks feed by filtering thousands of liters of water through their gills and extracting the plankton that is contained in it. This shark has found a part
Open wide © Adam Hanlon

10. A singing shark

This whale shark gives its lungs a blast in Mexican waters.

A diver and seal have fun interacting underwater in the Indian Ocean
When diver and sea life meet © Alex Voyer/Fisheye

11. Freediving with a seal

Check out this beautiful moment when a seal notices the freediver swimming gracefully behind.

An up close and personal photo of a turtle underwater in the ocean off the coast of Turkey
What you looking at? © Csaba Tokolyi

12. Up close with a turtle

This green turtle was pictured swimming in the Marsa Shouna dive site in the Red Sea, Egypt.

A huge shall of fish captured by an underwater photographer in the ocean in Asia
Don’t get too close! © Stefan Follows

13. Watch out for the shoal

A diver looks on at a huge shoal of fish swarming in the waters off Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand.

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