10 inviting campfires you’ll dream of sitting by

The beach, the forest, the desert – they all make great locations to gather round a campfire.
By Alison Mann

You can’t beat getting a campfire started after a long day in the mountains.

These guys really know how to set up a campfire though. Whether it’s by a lake, on top of a mountain or on the beach – these images will have you packing your bags in no time.

Get some weekend escape inspiration here.

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1. Remote camping

Campfire in Southern Mali, right across the border from Ivory coast
Taking a break © Nicolas Marino

This campfire was set up in Southern Mali, across the border from the Ivory Coast. It’s a remote and rarely used border crossing, on semi deserted land.

2. #homeiswhereyouparkit

Campfire under the stars in Oregon
Campfire under the stars © Bo Baumgartner

Check out the instagram of Bo Baumgartner who posts spectacular images like this of campervan travels.

3. Perfect place to chill

Peaceful campfire in West Virginia
Peaceful campfire in West Virginia © Christin Healey

West Virginia camping looks so serene in this image from adventure photographer Christin Healey.

4. Beach retreat

Lazy days with a campfire and campervans on a beach in Oregon
Lazy days © Bo Baumgartner

Pull up a pew and watch the waves roll in at this sun drenched beach campfire.

5. The party campfire

Party campfire in Oregon
Party campfire! © Bo Baumgartner

Yep. Definitely the spot to enjoy with some friends.

6. That hut. That view.

Awesome view from a hut and campfire in Washington
Awesome view © Christin Healey

The view looks incredible from the campfire set up outside this hut in Washington, US.

7. Shelter in a cave

A campfire in a rocky shelter in Southern Iceland
A rocky shelter in southern Iceland © Christian McLeod

This campfire was set up in a cave in Southern Iceland by Christian McLeod – looks perfect!

8. The (even more) remote campfire

Remote camp in Kaokoland, in northwestern Namibia
Remote camp in Kaokoland, in northwestern Namibia © Nicolas Marino

This was taken in an extremely remote part of Kaokoland, Namibia. Nicolás Marino, who is currently travelling the world on his bike, said there were no people for miles. There were, however, lions – he could hear them calling in the night! The fire was used for more than keeping warm, it also kept the wildlife away.

9. The surf spot

A campfire used during a surf trip in Ireland
Surfing campfire © Christian McLeod

This simple campfire serves its purpose, keeping the user warm during a chilly surf trip in Ireland.

10. Lakeside campfire

campfire by the lake
Chilling by the lake © Nick Lake/Lone Buffalo Photography

No tents, just sleeping bags and a fire in this shot from Nick Lake.

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