6 Futuristic Tent Designs to Add to Your Wish List

How about a tent that hangs above the ground? Or one that's powered by the sun?
By Alison Mann

Tents do a good job of giving you a dry place to rest when you’re out exploring, but sometimes they leave a bit to be desired. Don’t you just want more? What about a solar-powered tent that can keep your drinks cold? Or an inflatable structure that eliminates the struggle with those annoying poles?

We’ve found the best tent designs, some in production and some just wild dreams. Scroll down to take a look.

The Tentsile
The Tentsile village © Nick Lake

1. Home in the trees

What: Tentsile Trillium
Special feature: You can sleep above the sea, or forest
How much do I want to sleep in it: 9

It’s part tent, part hammock and hangs between three points. The triangular structure can be strung up anywhere, with the standard version fitting about three people inside. And unlike some models in this list, you can actually buy this tent now.

The Kahuna kayak tent designed by Mario Weiss and Damian Fankhauser
The Kahuna © Mario Weiss/Damian Fankhauser

2. The tent kayak

What: Kahuna
Special feature: It’s a kayak and a tent
How much do I want to sleep in it: 8

This is a touring boat combined with camping equipment. The tent is mounted between the outriggers, working as a base which should be stable even on rough ground. Mario Weiss and Damian Fankhauser designed this concept for their BA thesis. We wish we could buy it!

The surf shelter designed by Emma Harris
The surf shelter © Emma Harris

3. Solar-powered

What: The Surf Shelter
Special feature: It’s solar-powered
How much do I want to sleep in it: 8

This is a solar-powered, beach-concept tent specially designed for the British coast, so it’s a hardy little contraption. It’s made from photovoltaic fabric, which stores energy and can power gadgets. It was designed by British industrial designer Emma Harris and HJC Design Ltd.

The Cave tent designed by heimplanet
The Cave © Heimplanet

4. Inflatable

What: The Cave Tent
Special feature: It’s inflatable
How much do I want to sleep in it: 9

This tent is currently in production. It's called the Cave, designed by Heimplanet. It’s inflatable, so you just need a pump and your tent is pitched in 60 seconds. It’s waterproof and its special geodesic structure means it’s stable, too.

Glamping with Archiworkshop worm tents
Glamping © June Young Lim

5. Glamping in South Korea

What: Stacking doughnut and modular flow
Special feature: Camping, with style
How much do I want to sleep in it: 8

It’s hardly wilderness camping, but these are pretty cool and are available to buy. Korean designers SpaceTong ArchiWorkshop brought glamping to Korean nature. They designed the Stacking Doughnut and Modular Flow tents — think worm tent. It’s everything you want on the outside, and on the inside it has a toilet and sofa which folds out into a bed!

The Camping Doughnut by Hyunmook Lim, Han Kim
The Camping Doughnut © Spark Awards/Hyunmook Lim, Han Kim

6. The doughnut

What: A doughnut you can camp in
Special feature: It can be positioned to protect from wind
How much do I want to sleep in it: 7

This is another concept tent. It was entered in the Spark Awards by Sungha Lim, Hyunmook Lim and Han Kim while studying at Yong-in University. The camping doughnut can be positioned like a doughnut, with a campfire in the middle. It can also be shaped in other ways, depending on the direction of the wind. It also packs down into a small container and fits on a car roof.

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