Get Airborne for This Incredible Leap Day Video

Today’s a special day: Leap Day. It only happens every four years, so celebrate with this mash-up.
Laso Schaller goes big in animated gif format in Switzerland
Laso goes from top to bottom in 24 frames © Lukas Pilz
By Birgit Haiden

February 29: Leap Day, one of the most curious quirks of the Gregorian Calendar. Because the sun takes approximately six hours longer than a calendar year to orbit the sun, every four years we add an extra day to February. And that's today. To celebrate this seldom-but-special occasion, follow @RedBull on Snapchat to see our athletes leaping in real time! We also made the mash-up video below to get you pumped up. Enjoy!

P.S. Happy birthday to triathlete Jesse Thomas, who was born on February 29, 1980, and will turn nine years old today.

One of last year's most impressive leaps was undoubtedly Laso Schaller's nearly 200-foot leap from the top of a waterfall in Switzerland. The canyoning expert had 3.5 seconds of freefall — and no serious injuries.

Of course, much respect has to be paid to the boys and girls who rule the sky, whether it's a leap from a helicopter or a leap off the edge of a cliff, aerial sports remain possibly the most entertaining way of catching air there is.

How will you celebrate Leap Day? Whether you go big or keep it conservative, have fun and be safe!

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