10 incredible aeroplane views taken by a pilot

Get a perspective like no other with these majestic shots captured from above.
By Alison Mann

It’s easy to gaze out of the plane window as you cruise across the skies to foreign fields and daydream about what lies beneath.

For Adam Senatori this has been a life’s work – admittedly he was a commercial airline pilot so probably wasn’t doing much daydreaming. But a passion was born, and although no longer flying commercially, Senatori still regularly soars above the clouds, taking beautiful images as he goes.

The American pilot’s 800,000-strong Instagram profile is full of these aerial images. Lately, he’s started using a special Tilt Shift lens, which gives some images a magical toy-town effect.

Take a look at some of his most amazing images here.

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1. Landing time

An American Airlines 777 lands at Los Angeles International Airport
Taxiing to the terminal © Adam Senatori

Capturing an American Airlines 777 which just landed at Los Angeles International Airport.

2. Cityscape

Flying over Los Angeles
Flying over Los Angeles © Adam Senatori

A shot of downtown Los Angeles, with the Staples Center just coming into view.

3. Hovering over Hollywood

A view from Adam Senatori as he flies over the Hollywood sign
Flying over the Hollywood sign © Adam Senatori

What a sight! The Hollywood sign in all its glory.

4. View from the controls

Cockpit view from Adam Senatori over Wyoming USA
Cockpit view © Adam Senatori

Check out this view of the Wyoming mountains from the cockpit of a Bell JetRanger 206. 

5. Capitol Building

The State Capitol Building, Madison, Wisconsin from above
What a view © Adam Senatori

The State Capitol Building in Senatori's hometown of Madison, Wisconsin.

6. View of the coast

The Rancho Palos Verdes in Los Angeles
Coast cool © Adam Senatori

The Rancho Palos Verdes in Los Angeles looks perfect from this angle.

7. A colourful port

The colourful Port of Los Angeles
Shipping yard colours © Adam Senatori

Millions of internet orders arrive through here, the Port of Los Angeles.

8. The Windy City

A unique view of Chicago from a plane
A view of Chicago © Adam Senatori

Flying over Lake Michigan towards Chicago in a small plane.

9. Check out this body of water

Flying through Montana USA
Perfect mountain scene © Adam Senatori

A vision of paradise in Montana, USA.

10. Field view

A field view in Wisconsin shot from a Cessna plane
Field of dreams © Adam Senatori

A neat Wisconsin field looks truly spectacular when you’re looking at it from the cockpit of a Cessna 150.

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