See an Unforgettable Dive With Massive Blue Whales

Three freedivers swam alongside blue whales in Sri Lanka, and they have amazing photos to prove it.
The mighty blue whale in Sri Lanka
The mighty blue whale © Fisheyes
By Alison Mann

A group of divers recently had the experience of a lifetime while diving in Sri Lanka when they came face-to-face with a huge pygmy blue whale. The humongous whales can reach over 78 feet in length. Luckily, the divers managed to capture some incredible photographs of the animals.

The freedivers — Alex Voyer, Alex Roubaud and Marianne Aventurier — spent 40 hours in the water to catch some brief moments with the majestic creatures. Enjoy their images here.

A diver alongside a huge blue whale in Sri Lanka
Little and large © Fisheyes

A unique swim with a blue whale

The divers met blue whales twice during their trip. “She went very slowly, she watched us before disappearing in the depths of the ocean,” Aventurier explains of the first encounter.

Meeting the eyes of a blue whale during a dive in Sri Lanka
Meeting the eyes of a blue whale © Fisheyes

One of the largest animals in the world

Before the second meeting, the group had begun to lose hope that they would have another encounter. “The second meeting took place after 10 unsuccessful water releases," Aventurier says. "I was planning my return to the boat when suddenly I found myself nose-to-nose with her! She swam toward me. I shifted, seeking her eyes — not easy to find in such large animals! She is covered with remora, she is sublime.”

A diver with a group of spermwhales in Sri Lanka
Catching the group © Fisheyes

Sperm whales joined the party

The freedivers also swam alongside sperm whales during their trip. “We were lucky to find a huge group of sperm whales," Aventurier continues. "The goal was to go in the water with a large school so that they were less frightened and we could take more impressive photos.”

A driver follows sperm whales in Sri Lanaka
Following sperm whales © Fisheyes

She was also able to come face-to-face with one of the sperm whales, resulting in an unforgettable dive. “Some slept, most went a little deeper and one of them stopped to watch us for a few minutes," she says. "He lowered his tail and did not move. I do not remember having felt his clicks, but I was subjugated by the interest he had for us.”

Sperm whales enjoy the ocean during a dive in Sri Lanka
Sperm whales enjoy the ocean © Fisheyes

Their sightseeing was all under water

“We have seen nothing from Sri Lanka because we made an express identification of cetaceans," Aventurier says of the country. "But we probably will return at greater length because it looks absolutely beautiful!”

See more from Voyer and Roubaud at their site, Fisheye.

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