15 places people just had to put their feet up

By an ice field or in a tent, there’s nothing better than putting your feet up after a long hike.
By Alison Mann

After a long hike there's no feeling quite like sitting down to rest your tired feet. Except when you’re resting those feet in an incredible location.

These guys have found the perfect chill-out spots – from hanging over a waterfall, to taking in some Icelandic scenery.

These shots will definitely make you want to put your feet up, but maybe you’ll want to do the work to get to somewhere spectacular first!

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1. Chase the rainbow

A rainbow appears in a waterfall in Yosemite National Park
Chasing the rainbow © Tiffany Nguyen

A rainbow is just visible looking down the 182m drop into the Merced River in Yosemite National Park.

2. Hammock time

Peyto Lake, Canada
Hanging out at Peyto Lake, Canada © Christin Healey

Can’t beat a hammock slung between trees with a view like that! Looking over Peyto Lake, Canada.

3. Resting above some ruins

Sitting above the Xunantunich Mayan Ruins, Belize
Checking out some Mayan ruins © Travis Burke

Pretty spectacular view over the Xunantunich Mayan Ruins, Belize from @Travisburkephotography.

4. Hanging in Hawaii

Feet up in Kauai, Hawaii
Feet up in Hawaii © Tiffany Nguyen

A mountain-top rest in Kauai, Hawaii. Owner of those feet? @tiffpenguin.

5. Mountain range view

Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park
What a view of Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park © Christin Healey

We’re sure @christinhealey could have rested here all day as she looked over Mount Assiniboine, Canada.

6. Top tentie

A tent scene at Lake Tahoe
Breakfast time at Lake Tahoe © Tiffany Nguyen

Breakfast time sunrise looking over Lake Tahoe, Nevada – dreamy!

7. Icy in Iceland

Putting your feet up in Iceland
Love the outdoors © Christin Healey

A chilly spot to put your feet up in Iceland.

8. Temple Crag view

Tent scene at Temple Crag, California
Gazing at Temple Crag, California © Tiffany Nguyen

Mountain? Check. Lake? Check. Place to put your feet up? Check. This view of Temple Crag, California has it all.

9. Don’t look down

Sitting above the Horseshoe Bend, Arizona
Chilling in Arizona © Travis Burke

A dizzying place to rest – Horseshoe Bend, Arizona.

10. Icelandic greenery

Christin Healey puts her feet up in Iceland
Taking in the views in Iceland © Christin Healey

Iceland is a magical place, and greener than you expect for such a volcanic region! This looks like the perfect spot to put your feet up and take in the view.

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11. Ski scene

Chilling in the sun looks divine in this Canadian ski scene from @stirlandraephoto.

12. Feet up with a friend

What a view! Hanging out at The Enchantments in Washington State with @missroselouise.

13. Looking down

Looking down to a beautiful waterfall at Havasupai Indian Reservation in Arizona, from @tiffpenguin.

14. Feet up in a sleeping bag

@Christinhealey gets cosy as she puts her feet up in Yosemite.

15. The belay rest

Can't beat a moment to take it all in while belaying. This shot is from @smileysproject.

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