This Is How You Shred 4 Awesome Sports in 1 Day

Rafa Ortiz enjoys snowboarding, kayaking, kite surfing and mountain biking sessions in the same day.
Rafa Ortiz kiteboarding in the Columbia River Gorge
Railin' it out! © Rafa Ortiz
By Gunther Geist

When Rafael Ortiz relocated from his home in Mexico to the Columbia River Gorge near the border of Washington and Oregon, it was with good reason. The region offers plenty of opportunities to participate in a greater variety of outdoor activities. And while we generally prefer a quality-over-quantity approach to sports, sometimes it's not a bad idea to pack in the fun.

That's exactly what Ortiz did on one day earlier this month, squeezing four adventure sport sessions into a mere 12 hours. See it all in the video below and check out his busy schedule for the day under that.

Ortiz's four-sport schedule

07:00 Wake up
07:10 Wash dishes from night before
07:20 Now we can make breakfast
07:30 Try to wake up fiancée
07:45 Get GoPro equipment ready
08:00 Give up on trying to wake up fiancée
08:05 Load snowboarding gear

Rafa Ortiz gets four sports in one day
Can't forget the snowboard © Rafa Ortiz

First, the snow and the kayak

09:00 Hit Mount Hood Meadows above Hood River in Oregon
09:10–11:00 Shred snow
11:10 Call the kayak homies
12:00 Arrive home, swap board for boat
12:30 Make a sandwich
13:00 Meet kayak bros at Little White Salmon Hatchery
13:30–14:30 Shred Little White
14:45 Check wind app

Rafa Ortiz gets four sports in one day
What pays the the bills: paddling © Rafa Ortiz

Then it's kite surfing

15:00 Arrive home, unload boat, grab bike and kites
15:30 Make another sandwich
16:00 Arrive at Lyle with fiancée and chihuahua
16:30–17:30 Kite shred

Now it's time for the MTBs

17:30 Pack kites
18:00 Arrive at syncline trail
18:15–19:00 Shred mountain bike
19:30 Arrive home, unload gear, download footage, take a shower
20:30 Take chihuahua for dinner at Henni's in White Salmon
21:30 Pass out

And that's how you do it, folks!

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