The Can You Make It? Adventure Has Begun

Hear from some of the American students traveling using Red Bull as currency.
UTA's The Crew © Karlo Ramos
By Alex Herrmann

Right now, 165 teams of students are beginning the journey of a lifetime. They’re exploring unfamiliar cities, meeting new people and bartering for food, travel and housing — all using cans of Red Bull as currency.

This isn’t a spring break vacation or a semester abroad, this is Red Bull Can You Make It?, the competition that challenges three-member student teams to travel from one of five European starting cities to a finish line in Paris.

UCF's Red, White and Bull © Bradlee Rutledge

It sounds crazy, but anything is possible with a bit of cunning and charm, and the 18 American teams selected to compete this year have that in spades. Check out this stunning self-titled haiku Harvard University’s Seeing Red shared when we asked them to tell us what gives them an edge:

Seeing Red: A Series of Haiku
Can we make it is
A rhetorical question.
We like to win things.

But that doesn't mean
We won't go out on a limb.
Go big or go home.

Why a bus ticket
If we can drive it ourselves?
Red Bull party bus!

Why find a hostel
If we can stay at the Ritz?
High tea for free, please!

You'll be amazed by
Our powers of persuasion.
Our Red Bull turns gold.

Yeah, they really came up with that. That’s the kind of creativity required to compete in Can You Make It?

For more, watch the video above and check out the full list of American teams and their schools below — follow the links to their team pages for real-time updates straight from the source. And to catch up on each day's excitement, tune into the Daily Show on Red Bull TV, every day at 12 p.m. PST throughout the competition.

U.S. Red Bull Can You Make It? Teams:

AdrenILLINI — University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Balboa Brothers — University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Cali Crush — California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Head Bulls In Charge — Fordham University

Queen City — University at Buffalo SUNY

Red Bull Dogs — Yale University

Red, White and Bull — University of Central Florida

Seeing Red — Harvard University

Team Seymour — Walla Walla University

Team Stanford — Stanford University

Team USU — Utah State University

The 21st Century Cavemen — Saint Louis University

The Cali B's — California State University, Los Angeles

The Crew — University of Texas Arlington

The Dawgs — University of Georgia

The Oklahomies — Oklahoma State Univesity

The Wing Women — Arizona State University

Trekkin Trio — Rowan University

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