This kiter did a huge jump over rocks

Jesse Richman is calling it a world-record leap over rocks. See for yourself.
By Ray Hauser

Let's start with the obvious: stunts like this are for experts only. It may look pretty easy, but the consequences are high. This goes so far beyond 'do not try this at home' territory, we'll go ahead and say 'do not try this anywhere'. OK, now that we've got that out of the way, watch the video above.

Suitably impressed? Good, us too. Now on to the details. The stunt took place at the Cuesta del Viento, San Juan, Argentina. For those of you that don't speak Spanish, that means 'coast of wind' – so it's safe to say there's frequently a strong breeze. This blustery day in March provided the perfect chance for the high-flying Hawaiian to gap the massive rock jetty that pokes out into the bay.  

He’s totally going to make it!


Jesse Richman kiteboarding in Argentina
... and away © Forrest Dein

If you've got a sharp eye, you might be wondering: why isn't Richman wearing a helmet? So did a lot of people on Facebook. Jesse responds. "I agree! Safety equipment is key! But normally if you crash on water, a helmet actually makes kiting more dangerous for impacts and neck injuries," he says. "However, for this jump it would've been a great idea and if I'd had one there I would've used it, for sure."

So what made it possible? Jesse needed particular conditions to make it happen – in this case, 35-plus knots of wind at the perfect angle, and a good crowd to pump him up. 

It's the perfect formula for viral video success – especially since he stuck it. 

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