They used 8 Red Bulls for a night in a top hotel

A suite in a fine hotel, football match tickets and a van for 24 hours are some of the best trades.
By Corinna Halloran

Day one of Red Bull Can You Make It? reached new levels of epicness as teams began trading their cans of Red Bull for one amazing experience after another. We are in awe that these trades have all happened on day one and we’re beyond excited to see what’s next. Here’s our top three trades from the first 24 hours that will leave you feeling both amazed and envious. You’re going to wish you too were on this adventure of a lifetime.

1. Team Hustle traded only TWO Red Bull cans for THREE VIP tickets for the Champions League quarter-final between Manchester City and Paris St. Germain. After the first 24 hours, the Serbian team is in 15th place, having received over 11,700 points.

Team Hustle scored three VIP tickets to Manchester City vs. Paris St Germain game on day 1 of Red Bull Can You Make It?
Team Hustle at the Champions League © Team Hustle

2. Team JakPak (91st) let go of Eight Red Bull within the first 24 hours, however the trade was “pretty suite” as they say. For their eight cans, the Canadian team spent their first night in a luxury hotel in Leipzig, Germany. If that wasn’t enough, the hotel staff then gave them tram tickets to the next checkpoint. Cha-ching!

3.  They say ‘good things happen in threes’ and for three Red Bull Can You Make It? teams this could not be more true. With the help of Enterprise Car Rentals, Team Charlie’s Angles (14th), Two and a Half Girlz (24th), and Paddys in Paris (25th) were able to score a nine person van for 24 hours helping them all get to Zaragoza from Barcelona.

Team Paddys of Paris
Three RBCYMI teams trade Red Bull for a van © Team Paddys in Paris

And this is only the beginning. There are so many ways to follow the event including a Red Bull TV show recapping the day's best moments, the Red Bull Can You Make It? microsite where you can follow all the action live, and finally, check back here tomorrow to learn about the best trades from day two.

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