These teams used 2 cans to fly on a commercial jet

Can You Make It teams have travelled over 160,000km in style, thanks to 5,100 cans of Red Bull.
By Corinna Halloran

Over the last few days, using 5,106 cans, we’ve seen some incredible trades on Red Bull Can You Make It? The teams are hitting checkpoints and having one adventure after another as they all make their way towards Paris. Although a few teams are finding themselves stuck in Dublin, quite a few teams are ticking off the kilometres. Teams have visited a total of 19 countries and covered over 162,449km in Europe. Here are a few of our favourite ways teams have travelled from point A to B using only their charm and Red Bull.

Flying in style

A few teams are on our radar after trading Red Bull for the fastest mode of European travel. Teams Wild Squad (96th) and The Trampers (99th) used just TWO cans of Red Bull for a total of SIX tickets, flying with AirBerlin/Niki Airlines about 750km from Vienna, Austria to Zurich, Switzerland.

Team Inglorious Three flew from Conwy to Cardiff with just a few cans of Red Bull
Team Inglorious Three flew from Conwy to Cardiff © The Inglorious Three

Then, The Inglorious Three (33rd) were able to zoom over 310km of Wales from Conwy to Cardiff parting with only two cans for a 15-person plane thanks to CityWing. Only moments before they travelled in style across Wales, the boys were stuck in Dublin and then in the rain for hours, hitting a serious low. “We have ups and downs, but now it’s a great up and a great experience,” they said moments before boarding their flight south.

Two wheels are better than two feet

We've seen a lot of skateboards in Red Bull Can You Make It? but team Med Riders (123rd) have just taken their mode of transport to the next level with three bicycles. For a total of three cans, Barceloneta Bikes hooked up these guys with three fixed-gear bikes to help them get around as fast as possible. They’ve travelled over 800km from Barcelona to Geneva as a result!

The hills are alive with Red Bull

Team Jakpak (68th) are back on our favourites list after scoring a few lift tickets and gear to a mountain in Austria. For two cans of Red Bull, the ladies were able to not only check off one of their personal European Bucket List items but also 'build a snowman' from the Red Bull Can You Make It? Adventure List when they went skiing. Keeping on the theme, the team then spent the night in a ski shop.

Wings they’ll never forget

Team Sherbywings show off their Red Bull Can You Make It? tattoos in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Team Sherbywings used 10 cans for three tattoos © Sherbywings

Team Sherbywings (11th) didn’t necessarily travel a great distance by a unique means of transport, but their team name (and 10 cans of Red Bull) have certainly given them the wings needed to never forget the adventure of a lifetime. In Rotterdam, the ladies exchanged Red Bull cans for three matching tattoos.

There are so many ways to follow the event including a daily Red Bull TV show recapping the day's best moments at 9pm CEST (7pm UTC), the Red Bull Can You Make It? event site where you can follow all the action live, and, finally, checking back here on Monday, April 18 to catch up on the weekend’s most epic trades.

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