Guess how many cans of Red Bull these teams traded

The Red Bull Can You Make It? adventure is over for 164 teams, but it’s just beginning for one.
By Corinna Halloran

In just one week, 165 teams traded 16,036 cans of Red Bull across Europe in Red Bull Can You Make It? The teams covered over 398,000km as they made their way to Paris from one of five European cities, ticking off adventure challenges and checkpoints, and growing their social following.

The winning team Feel Alive! became a literal overnight sensation, grabbing 100,000 social followers in the final days; the guys went from only 30,000 social points to a whopping 392,422 points as they simultaneously hit checkpoints while they honed in on Paris.

Points aside, Feel Alive! proved that Red Bull Can You Make It? is really made possible with Red Bull, a good attitude and the help of the amazing strangers. Only a few days ago, the team were shivering in rainy Amsterdam, feeling a bit hopeless, when a stranger came up to them and offered some help. Not only did he give them food and a place to stay but he also drove them to Rotterdam to get them to a checkpoint. Finally, just when it couldn’t get any better, he bought them three one-way plane tickets to Paris for the cost of two packages of Red Bull.

We met some amazing people on the way, it’s incredible how far you can go with just cans and some charm. It was a tough week but we made it, awesome journey.

Feel Alive!

The all-boys team will now have another epic adventure this summer with Contiki for the ultimate summer vacation as Contiki Travel Ambassadors. This means they'll be able to experience more amazing adventures around Europe.

It was expected that there'd be some good trades, but the teams of Red Bull Can You Make It? really exceeded expectations. Teams used only cans of Red Bull for beds in five-star hotels, bicycles, boat rides, paragliding, indoor (and river) surfing, skiing indoors, snowboarding in the Alps, commercial flights, helicopter rides and skydiving.

For as many highs, there were some unexpected lows. Teams got stuck, separated and lost, and nearly lost hope when hitchhiking didn’t work. Teams slept in stairwells, train stations and cars.

You never knew what would happen next. We went from a five star hotel to sleeping on a cardboard box in a parking lot.

Second-placed Team Wauw from Belgium

All in all, though, the word ‘epic’ barely describes the 2016 Red Bull Can You Make It? All of the teams made it successfully to Paris using 35 different modes of transportation to hit 20 countries.

If you don’t believe us, find out for yourself and relive the exciting week with the daily Red Bull TV show, which includes plenty of amazing extras.

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