Watch Divers Leap From the World's Largest Falls

With lives in the balance, can openers and cannonballs are not on Duque and Paredes' program.
Jonathan Paredes Dives Victoria Falls
By Steve Root

Remember your first dive off a spring board into a swimming pool? Probably took some time to screw up the courage, and maybe a few belly flops before you finally executed properly. Perhaps from there you stepped up your game to a high dive, which took serious cajones.

Well, not to burst your bubble, but those were from heights of 3 feet 3 inches and 9 feet 10 inches, respectively.

In Red Bull TV’s new show, “The Smoke That Thunders,” cliff diving legend Orlando Duque and rising star Jonathan Paredes attempt what may be the first ever dive — just shy of 100 feet — from beneath Zimbabwe and Zambia’s Victoria Falls, one of the world’s largest curtains of water. Where there are rocks hidden in the landing area. Where, if you mess up, you don’t just get jeered by that jerk Timmy from down the street, you might actually die.

If anyone is up to the challenge, it’s Duque and Paredes. See for yourself in the trailer below:

To echo what Duque says, we like that feeling of falling as much as the next guy. As long as it's that next guy who's doing the falling. 

Ready to make the leap? Click now!

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