Wet jungle means foot problems

Kayaking down the Beriman River is dangerous enough, but problems on land can be just as daunting.
By Josh Sampiero

This video, my friends, is the reason that outdoor experts tell you to always keep your feet dry. Fungal infections are no fun. At all. Unfortunately for Ben Stookesbury, Chris Korbulic, Pedro Oliva and Ben Marr, it was something that couldn't be avoided – after all, when you're doing a first ever descent of a hidden canyon, and humidity is at 100%, it's not really a matter of if, but when. 

Whether you call it foot rot, trench foot, or athlete's foot, it's basically the same thing – hear what the guys think about it in the video above. 

Kayakers paddle down the Beriman Gorge
This blue water looks like paradise... © Ben Marr/Red Bull Content Pool

However, it's a small price to pay to partake in a journey deemed by National Geographic to be an Adventure of the Year – and clearly one of the most memorable experiences of these men's lives. Though only approximately 50km long, the journey took almost two weeks to complete. 

It included 13 box canyons, multiple waterfalls, and plenty of portages and traverses across sheer faces. It's during that time off the water, dragging the boats, that the infections are at their most insufferable. "By the end of the trip, we could barely walk," says Stookesbury. 

Good thing they had boats and paddles! To see the full length documentary head on over to Redbull.tv.

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