60 Seconds of the Awesome Power of Victoria Falls

You’ve never seen the world's largest waterfall this close before.
By Corinna Halloran

Every minute, 165 million gallons of water plunge over the 330-foot Victoria Falls in Africa — it's the largest curtain of water in the world. The roar of the waterfall is ever-present in the surrounding area. No wonder Victoria Falls is a wonder of the world and is known as The Smoke That Thunders to the local Kololo tribe, as the spray can be seen over 30 miles away.

The entire Zambezi River, known for incredible white-water rafting, flows over the waterfall as it travels to the Indian Ocean, and the falls serve as a natural border for Zambia and Zimbabwe. The river’s wilderness is also ideal grounds for spotting one (or all) of Africa’s big five on a safari. 

But recently, Victoria Falls has become known for something new as world-class cliff divers Orland Duque and Jonathan Paredes challenged themselves to one of the most astonishing cliff dives to date: a nearly 100-foot dive from the world’s most iconic waterfall.

Want to watch their amazing accomplishment? Check it out the full documentary "The Smoke that Thunders" on Red Bull TV.

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