Earth's Coolest Jobs: Shark Tracker to Sky Cowboy

Meet the guys who do the work we'd all rather be doing.
Johnson keeps a wary eye on his subject.
By Steve Root

What do you want to be when you grow up?

It’s a universal question we’ve all pondered, and when we’re young, the answer is usually something crazy imaginative and without grown-up constraints. Astronaut, cowboy and pilot are good ones.

But even as the majority of us tend to ultimately go a more practical route, some lucky stiffs out there end up doing the cool work in the real world. Which brings us to Red Bull TV’s new series, “Heart and Hands: Beyond a Job,” which profiles a handful of really interesting people with really fascinating careers. We’re talking folks who actually became shark researchers, storm chasers, elite Coast Guard rescuers and wildlife rangers in the African bush.

Coast Guard rescuer Jack Lacey drops in.

Ryan Johnson, for example, is an Australian shark tracker who is studying the movements of massive Great Whites that inhabit waters right off beaches that are extremely popular with swimmers. His goal is to try to protect both man and beast, but that means some extremely close encounters of his own.

And then there’s Will Koomjian, who combines technical rock climbing skills with a passion for conservation to redefine what it means to be an arborist. The new breed of tree doctor scales and even sleeps within the canopies of giants hundreds of feet tall in urban jungles and old-growth forests to study and save these natural marvels.

Watch the trailer below for a series sneak peek, then be sure to check out each of the eight episodes of "Heart and Hands."

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