Rock Around the Clock: Climbing 24 Hours Straight

Sit back and laugh as athletes party through an agonizing — and really funny — marathon ascent.
Wayne and Garth, is that you?
By Steve Root

Usually, rockin’ out into the wee hours involves loud music, loud outfits and drunken revelry. The 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell event in Arkansas involves all of the above — especially the rock part — plus, miles of rope, countless carbiners and untold numbers of blisters, bruises and bloody appendages. It’s like the Burning Man of climbing, and the newest episode of “Reel Rock” brings it to you in one bizarre and flippin’ funny episode.

Spooling out across the 24-hour endurance climb is a competition between guru Alex Honnold and a pair of goofy but game newcomers, Nik Berry and Mason Earle. We’re not gonna spoil the outcome, but we do promise that it’s a fun watch for experienced climbers and total novices, alike. 

See for yourself in this gallery of debauchery:

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