Take a POV ride of a monster offshore wave

Brutal, slabby mega-waves off the coast of Australia? No big deal for this university student.
By Evan David

Most people have goals in life: own a home, drive a Porsche, win at Bingo. Windsurfer Alastair McLeod had a much more challenging one: tackle an infamous slab wave 26km off the shore of Australia. And forget taking a boat for access: this was a mission he wanted to do on his own. He windsurfed there. 

Windsurfer Alistair McLeod on Pedra Branca
Double-mast-high waves? Scary stuff © The Construction Site

A well established magnet for winter swells coming up from the Arctic Ocean, the wave takes its name from the rocks nearby: Pedra Branca and Eddystone. What makes it so gnarly is the geography of the ocean floor: it comes up from deep, deep water, then folds over a very shallow reef. Tow-in surfers – who opened the wave in 2008 – are familiar with the injuries the wave can cause. One surfer went down and broke his leg in three places, as well as suffering a perforated ear drum and torn ligaments.

Windsurfer Alistair McLeod checks out the conditions
It's all smiles – until you see the wave © The Construction Site

Fortunately for McLeod, he not only made it out to the wave – he survived in style, and made it back home again. Want to learn more about Alastair's incredible challenge? Check out the full documentary on Red Bull TV.

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