Windsurfing at the End of the World

Young Aussie takes on the icy water, wind and Great Whites of Tasmania's Pedra Branca — alone.
A windsurfer drops to the side of Pedra Branca
That's a lot of whitewater © Chris Carey / Red Bull Content Pool
By Steve Root

In the realm of adventure sports, there are challenges — skiing a steep run, surfing a large wave — and there are Challenges. The latter are those that push physical limits, test psychological mettle and, in some instances, put one’s very life on the line.

Such is the case for Alastair McLeod when the Australian windsurfer takes on a super remote, secret wave 20 miles off the coast of Tasmania called Pedra Branca in the episode “My Own Private Monster” from the Red Bull TV series “Explorers: Adventures of the Century.” It’s pounded by frigid waters, hammered by gale-force winds and heavily populated with huge and hungry Great Whites. And the dude wants to go it alone! One misstep, and he’s lost at sea.

“I’ve never had any real ambitions to be a world-champion windsurfer,” says McLeod. “I’m all about riding waves … and the emptier, the bigger and the more remote the better.”

If that's the case, things are about to get a whole lot "better" for McLeod, as you'll see in this clip: 

It's serious business indeed, and you can witness his entire adventure in "Explorers: Adventures of the Century."

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