Alex Megos proves there are no excuses in climbing

Watch how the German climber overcomes friction to master complicated routes on the rock face.
By Corinna Halloran

Alex Megos often looks like he dancing up a rock route with incredible ease. However, the reality is he is fighting the laws of physics every second of the way. Friction and gravity are the two elements that keep any climber on the ground, but it's the ability to overcome both of them that keeps Megos foraging for new routes – and keeps him at the elite level.

Megos explained that friction is definitely an important factor, but only important within the realm of your capabilities. You’re limited by 'you' not by friction or gravity.

The real reason for failure is not the weather, heat, nor ‘tapped out’ fingers, but because of your own weakness.

So, according to Megos, friction is ultimately not an excuse – in the end, no excuses exist.

How does he overcome the laws of physics, then? Training. The more you train, the easier even the hardest routes become.

“The easier hard grades look, the less hard even harder grades look… right?”


Click here to watch Alex Megos climb the hardest climbing route ever.

Alexander Megos
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