Climb Into a Volcano in This 360-Degree Video

Stand inside an active volcano and feel what it’s like to look into the heart of the Earth.
© Ulla Lohmann
By Corinna Halloran

Journey with three explorers through a thick tropical jungle, across a barren ash field and under sulphuric rain to the top of Benbow Volcano on Ambrym Island. You are constantly teetering on the edge of being totally safe and getting hurt by rockslides, lava or acidic rain. After the initial trek, embark on a 492-foot descent down the volcano’s three terraces.

Suddenly, you are only 197 feet from the heart of the Earth — you feel so close you can pretty much touch the lava as it bursts above. Let your curiosity triumph over fear as you become mesmerized by the volcano’s magic alongside the explorers. 

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