The Best GoPro Videos From the Red Bull Vault

Want to feel alive? Need your adrenaline fix? Watch six of our best GoPro videos.
Jokke Sommer takes a selfie while hanging out of a helicopter way above Hawaii
Hangin' out of a heli © Jokke Sommer
By Corinna Halloran

Afraid of heights, can’t swim? Or perhaps you don’t have a kayak? Don't worry about it, just check out some of our favorite GoPro videos from the last year. These cameras can go just about anywhere and that’s exactly what David Lama, Rafa Ortiz and more have proven time and time again. With the ability to shoot in high-definition and 4K, GoPros give you the vivid feeling of flying and the sensation of swimming without ever leaving your chair.

Kayaking through a dark cave

Where did you go? Rafa Ortiz takes you deep into the heart of the cave system in Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park.

How pro did they go? Not the biggest rapids Ortiz has hit, but they take on a whole new meaning when the lights are turned off.

Freediving in the world's deepest pool


Where did you go? 113 feet deep down in Nemo 33.

How pro did they go? Anyone who can shrink their lungs to the size of an orange, control their heart beat to 37bpm, still be athletic and not forget to hit ther record button on their GoPro deserves a solid high five.

Climbing the Himalayas


Where did you go? David Lama takes you high into the Himalayas on the Nepal and Tibet border.

How pro did they go? Not only did Lama conquer a new mountain here, but this video also makes those who are less inclined toward heights jump out of their seat and shout, "NO WAY!"

Kayaking the white water of New Britain


Where did you go? The island of New Britain, off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

How pro did they go? Did you hear that guy shout to paddle hard? Yeah, that's because his life literally depended on it.

Flying above Mont Blanc

Where did you go? Tim Alongi takes you above Mont Blanc in this whirlwind of a GoPro video.

How pro did he go? Upside down is pretty pro.

Outrunning an avalanche

Where did you go? Valentin Delluc takes you to the North Face of the Aiguille du Midi.

How pro did they go? He just outran an avalanche. Mic drop.

In the mood to feel a little seasick? This 70-second video might have you feeling queasy. Or want to soar with an eagle? This is just beyond amazing.

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