Cheat Sheet: 10 Hawaiian Phrases to Know

See training photos of the Wa'a outrigger canoe team and pick up their lingo while you're at it.
Team Wa
Team Wa'a training in Hawaiian waters © Brian Bielmann/Red Bull Content Pool
By Kaikea Nakachi

The men of Red Bull Wa'a, the Hawaiian outrigger canoe team, know a thing or two when it comes to dominating their sport. Fresh off a first-place finish at the Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge in New York, the Wa’a team has established itself among the elite outrigger canoe teams.

Outrigger canoe paddling places a strong emphasis on teamwork, courage and tradition. These guys hail from the beautiful islands of Hawaii, where Pidgin, a language partly based on English, remains a big part of their culture. Check out their list of handpicked Pidgin words and definitions, and see if you can incorporate it into your next session on the water.

1. Word: Bumbai
Definition: Sometime in the foreseeable future; soon.
Usage: "See ya bumbai.” I'll see you soon/later.

2. Da Kine
Catch-all phrase that can refer to any object or person.
"Eh dats da kine ah?” Hey, that's that particular person/thing, right?

3. Moke
A local man who possesses local stereotypes that might include (but are not limited to) being physically large, being fluent in Pidgin, have tribal tattoos, wears rubbah slippahs and boardies and drives a lifted truck.
"Braddah is moke status." That person exhibits several defining traits of a stereotypical local man.

4. Chout
A warning to back off; watch out.
"Betta chout bumbai I gon give you lickings!" You better watch out, or else I'll beat you up. 

5. Hanabaddah
Snot or boogers.
"Eh you get hanabaddahs hangin' out." Excuse me, but you have snot running out of your nose.

6. Hemo
To take off or remove.
"Try hemo your shades I like sample." Could you remove your sunglasses? I'd like to try them on.

7. Tantaran
A show-off.
"Buggah all tantaran with his new truck." That man is being a show-off flaunting his new truck.

8. Rajah Dat
A response of understanding or affirmation.
"Eh dat was you who just got shacked on dat bomb? Rajah dat." Hey, was that you who just rode the barrel of that large wave? Yes, that was indeed me.

9. Spock
To bring attention to; to check out.
"Brah try spock dat wahine ova dea." Check out that woman over there.

10. Kanak Attack
A lethargic state induced by the consumption of copious amounts of food; a food coma.
"Dat was so ono I wen pound choke and now I stay kanak attack." That food was so delicious, I ate so much that I'm now in a food coma.

Team Wa
All smiles from Wa'a © Brian Bielmann/Red Bull Content Pool

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