Watch 10 amazing freerunning moves

Here are 10 people whose motor skills are vastly superior to yours. Seriously.
By Lisa Koban

What's Clashem? It's a game – and a rather simple one at that. Two videos simultaneously, users pick the winner. This simple little competition gets a lot of action – particularly from the freerunning crowd. Take a look at our top 10 moments of how-did-they-do-that freerunning wizardry. 

Moving like a monkey

Who: thejasonpaul 
Wow factor: High – we're absolutely sure your average human can't do this.

Twist and flip

Who: @danielwisee
Wow factor: 6/10. Indoors. Are there mats under there? Wuss. Nice dismount though! 

American Ninja training

Who: @joakawui
Wow factor: From the video, Kawui appears to be training for American Ninja – impressive!

Monkey bar-to-bar

Who: @MauWow
Wow factor: Super slo-mo action while flying through the air, all with no leg power? Wow indeed!

Colour us wowed

Who: @MaiCasta_eda
Wow factor: gap to gap to flip – we'll give this 8/10.

Wall climb

Who: @Lynn_Jung
Wow factor: There's no flips or tricks, but that girl just cleared a 4m wall in about three seconds. Impressive! 

Going off the wall

Who: @DaerSanchez
Wow factor:
Taking the fifth on this one.

A balancing act

Who: Chase Cody
Wow factor: Undercover 9/10 – not impressive at first, but then you think about how hard that actually is!

Monkeying around

Who: @DaneeMarmolejo
Wow factor: Backflips followed by backflips – sweet!

Off the wall

Who: @eliasfreerun
Wow factor: Where is he? How did he do that? OK, fine, it's pretty cool.  

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