Speedride Over a Glacier and Avalanche at 88 MPH

Watch Valentin Leduc's glorious speedriding adventure in Chamonix, France.
By François Palissarde

With a start at 11,690 feet of altitude, a 4,265-foot incline, a super-steep slope with 45-degree sections, and rocky cliffs waiing for the smallest mistake, the Auguille du Midi’s North Face and the Bossons Glacier are clearly not spots for a gentle stroll. They aren't for beginners, but they are perfect spots for a guy like Valentin Delluc, a big name in speedriding  the spectacuar discipline that combines paragliding and freeride skiing.

Around the turn of May and June, the French speedrider linked up some runs on this terrifying spot to put together the clip you can watch above.

"It’s only in high mountains that we find the biggest inclines, and that’s when speedriding makes sense. Flying above a glacier or an avalanche gives some very impressive visuals, and you feel so small in the middle of all these elements!"

Valentin Delluc
Valentin Delluc speedriding above one of the highest glaciers on Earth
Valentin Delluc speedriding above Bosson Glacier
Valentin Delluc speedriding in Chamonix
Above an avalanche

It might seem a surprising time of the year to shoot a winter sport video, but when you are that high up, the only time you can actually ride the snow is when the temperature starts to rise. Delluc made up to 14 descents a day (always after verifying that no other skier or climber was on the spot), with the help of Ugo Cergola to carry the angles.

Valentin Delluc will now start his speedriding season soon and will be going around to scout new spots in a motorized hang glider. He's then going to be taking part in Red Bull Elements 2016 on September 16 and 17.

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