Freerunners Turn Istanbul Port Into Playground

Watch freerunners Jason Paul and Dimitris Kyrsanidis cruise through Haydarpaşa Port in Istanbul.
By Dominique Granger

What does a freerunning paradise look like? The answer is pretty much what you see in the video above: a maze of containers, cranes and moving objects.

It all started when decorated freerunners Jason Paul and Dimitris Krysanidis decided to work together to create the Red Bull Dreamland project. The result is an extraordinary freerunning show in Port of Haydarpaşa, across the Bosphorus, in Istanbul, Turkey.

"Haydarpaşa Port is an inspiring, special place. There were containers from all around the world. This is indeed a place of historical beauty."

Jason Paul


The setup was a pretty interesting one for the two athletes, as they made their way through big shipping containers, moving cranes and other mobile obstacles. Needless to say, the possibilities were endless!

"Everything I wanted to do was concentrated in one track at Haydarpaşa Port. That’s why it's been an exciting experience."

Dimitris Kyrsanidis

Busting out their spiderman-like moves, they had the chance to perform on a course that could hardly be more complete, despite its challenges. But jumping between containers at impressive and huge heights is playground stuff for these freerunning pros — and not to be tried at home. 


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