Watch this guy paraglide over a gushing waterfall

Miles Daisher is known for going where few have gone before, but this one surprised even us.
By Josh Sampiero

Shoshone Falls on the Snake River in Idaho may in pale in google search results to the much more famous Niagara Falls. But for those who have seen it at full glory, it's certainly no less impressive. The 65m-high natural wonder has peak season in early June – and that's exactly when aerial athlete Miles Daisher decided to take a closer look. 

Miles Daisher paramotoring over Shoshone Falls
Miles sees the Shoshone Falls from a unique angle © Luanne Horting

Firing up his paramotor a couple miles away, the pilot soared up the Snake River for a likely never-before-seen look at Shoshone Falls, from above. Lucky for us (and you) he had his GoPro with him. Enjoy! 

Miles Daisher
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