Uncover the Epic Ultratrail Under the Midnight Sun

Don’t be fooled by the stunning fjords and mountains, this race is one of the toughest on Earth.
By Dom Granger

Sometimes, the scenery can make up for the difficulty of the task you have to accomplish. But it’s a tottalyy different ball game when the said "task" is to run 76 miles, with a total elevation of almost 20,000 feet in northern Norway.

Taking place on the island of Senja, 1,000 miles north of Oslo, famous for its breathtaking landscapes of mountains and fjords (and its midnight sun), this third edition of the Salomon Xreid race was probably the most difficult of all.

"It was totally amazing, but to be honest the race has been brutal."

Gjermund Nordskar


"It was spectacular, but brutal. A fantastic race, even though it felt more like an expedition."

Monica Strand

The organizers of the race changed the course, moving it away from the Hardangervidda plateau, and hence increasing its technical difficulty.

You know a race is challenging when you hear comments like the one below from professional ultrarunner Gjermund Nordskar — or when you look at the finishing stats: This year, only 41 percent of the competitors wrapped up the race at the finish line (48/116).

"It has been really tough, with a lot of rough, unknown terrain, a lot of elevation and long distances."

Gjermund Nordskar


If anyone knows what they're talking about, it’s Gjermund Nordskar. He has plenty of accomplishments under his belt, and certainly knows the terrain. The Xreid rookie crossed Norway in just three days and summited 37 of the country’s tallest peaks within 70 days.

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