Follow These Two Guys Kayaking in the Open Ocean

Two kayakers are paddling 240 miles across the Devil’s Dancefloor and you can follow along.
Two men paddle kayak with sails next to big cliff
Olly and George use sails to help push their kayak © Emma Hall
By Corinna Halloran

Over the next six days, in the Land of the Midnight Sun, modern-day adventurists Olly Hicks and George Bullard will be navigating past icebergs, through thick, freezing fog, next to whales and over gnarly seas on their kayaks, across the Devil's Dancefloor to Iceland's Faroe Islands. Although this is just a section of their grand adventure from Greenland to Scotland, it’s meant to be the toughest both physically and mentally. They'll be without assistance and it's expected to take between five and six days. Hicks and Bullard could take the easy road to the remote arctic islands (it takes just 14 hours to make the ferry trip), but where's the adventure in that?

Two men kayak on a grey day
Olly and George kayak at the start of the journey © Emma Hall

Follow along on the tracker below and learn more about the duo. Keep checking back as we will be bringing you all the epic action and most adventurous moments from the whole trip in the upcoming weeks.

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